At some point in our lives, we’ve all found ourselves looking at an overflowing laundry hamper, just dreading the time we will need to spend on getting it all cleaned and ironed. For some, the prospect is too much and they end up delaying things even further, until they absolutely have to get the job done.

Many ask what they can do to avoid this situation, so we have compiled a few tips that should help tackle large laundry loads quickly and avoid having to deal with them again.

Set A Schedule

It may not be the most interesting solution, but creating a schedule for your ironing can keep you on track and ensure you don’t face too much laundry. Our recommendation is to schedule some time for dealing with specific types of clothes. For example, one day you may iron shirts, while the next you deal with trousers. Whatever the case may be, having a schedule in place adds structure to your ironing activities and reminds you that the job needs to be done in the first place.

Wash Clothes Less Often

Not every item of clothing that you wear needs to be washed immediately after one use. Pairs of jeans or trousers, for example, can be worn for multiple days without needing washes, unless the end up getting dirty or stained. Take advantage of this by wearing items of clothing for more than one day, which reduces the amount of laundry that you need to tackle.

Use Multiple Hampers

A simple tip that will help you separate your washing, using multiple hampers will allow you to prioritise certain items of clothing. For example, you may use a hamper for recreational clothes and a separate one for work clothes. This reduces the amount of time you would spend searching for that all-important item of clothing that you need the very next day, plus it gives you a better indication of just how much laundry there is to do.

Clean Your Iron

There are few things worse than making your way through a large load of laundry, only to find that your iron has started to build up calcium that is getting onto the clothes. Not only do you have to spend time cleaning the iron right then if you want to continue, but you will often need to rewash items of clothes, which adds to the pile needlessly. By taking a few minutes out of your day to clean the iron after each use, you will save a lot of time later that may have been spent cleaning up the messes a dirty iron can cause.

Get Help

If you have a large family, there’s no need for one person to do all of the ironing on their own. Enlisting your children to help, for example, can count towards their household chores while giving them a greater appreciation for their clothing. You may need to buy an extra ironing board, but the time you save will be noticeable and you will find you make your way through laundry loads much more quickly.