As you know by now, I have reviewed a lot of different steam irons in my time and I pride myself on examining products at every end of the spectrum, from the budget irons that surprise me with their quality, to the high-end models that offer near-perfection. However, I have never before reviewed an entire ironing system, which is what I found myself with when I discovered the Leifheit Air Active L Steam Ironing System. This package comes with an iron, ironing board and an integrated steam system that is intended to offer you the most perfect, wrinkle-free clothing that you will find anywhere.

So does it cut the mustard? Before I get to my thoughts I’m going to list a few of the features that make this a really attractive purchase.


  • The ironing board features a special steam ironing station that helps you get creases out of your clothes faster and offers an extremely professional ironing experience.
  • The ironing board comes with a 100 percent cotton cover and polyether foam padding for extra smoothness.
  • The dual-air flow technology allows you to use the ironing board itself for better ironing. You can inflate the foam padding to help you iron your delicates or pull steam out of the padding to offer a more comprehensive, permeating steam for difficult fabrics.
  • The steam reservoir is detachable and can emit consistent steam up to 50psi, which is the strongest steam penetration I have seen anywhere.
  • The system can extract air in an instant, getting rid of extra steam and allowing you to keep clothes dry and crease free.

Dimensions and Weight

Steam Iron System Dimension – 17.8 x 49.6 x 39 inches
Steam Iron System Weight – 26.5 lbs


The ironing board that comes with the system combines metal, cotton, and polyether to create a versatile ironing surface. The steam iron itself is made using plastic and stainless steel.

The Good

After a bit of research I found that this ironing system actually compares quite favourably to similar models when it comes to price, but you still get exceptional customer service and an extremely high quality iron. Convenience was the main selling point for me though. Once I got used to how the system operates, I was able to get through my ironing in no time at all, making use of the board itself to achieve better results than a regular board would be capable of. The integrated steam system is really a marvel.

The Bad

While the quality of the end product is in no doubt, you will find that the integrated steam system uses an awful lot of water in a fairly short period of time, so regular refills become necessary. Also, anybody who hasn’t used something like this before, such as me, will have to wrap their heads around using the board as a complement to the iron, which can take a little bit of time and fumbling around.



Final Rating


I haven’t used anything quite like this in all of my years of ironing and I have to say that the overall experience is generally pretty favourable. I enjoyed getting to grips with the integrated steam system and found that my clothes came out pretty much perfectly once I knew what I was doing. Everything is extremely well-built and I can honestly see myself using this a lot for the tougher fabrics that I iron. However, it does get through a lot of water and it takes some getting used to.