On the face of it, the Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron doesn’t look all that much different from your bog-standard iron. However, I had heard a lot of good things about it from people who have tried it before, which piqued my curiosity and made me want to give it a try myself. With a $150 price tag I’m certainly expecting something that is going to be better than your average iron and I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be disappointed.

Before my purchase I checked out the features the iron has and found they made me even more confident. Here are a few of them.


  • The Scorch Guard keeps your clothes completely protected at all times. When it feels you touch on the iron, it automatically lowers the soleplate so you can start ironing. When you release the handle, it raises the iron to ensure no burns occur.
  • The OnePadd technology makes ironing much quicker and easier than it would be with others. You really can get all of the creases out by using the iron once on an area of clothing.
  • The 12.7 ounce water tank ensures you can get through big loads of laundry without having to constantly stop and get a top up. Plus, it comes with a handy fill cup.
  • The Smart Steam system is superb. Not only does it deactivate when you let go of the iron, but you also get the choice of horizontal, vertical, and continuous steam depending on your needs.
  • The iron heats up in a matter of seconds thanks to being 1800 watts.

Dimensions and Weight

Steam Iron Dimension – 12.6 x 6 x 8 inches
Steam Iron Weight – 4.3 pounds


A chromium finish makes the iron scratch resistant.

The Good

Being able to store large amounts of water was definitely a good thing, as I found ironing a breeze with the Oliso. This encouraged me to do larger loads, which would have been broken up more with constant refills. Special mention must be given to the Scorch Guard system, which really makes ironing easier. Now I can quickly react if there is a knock at the door of the phone rings, without worrying about what the iron might do if I leave it in place.

The Bad

As cool as the Scorch Guard is, I did find it to be a little finicky at times. If you don’t have a full grip of the iron, it may start rising up when in use. It takes a little adjusting to get use to the pressures you need to maintain. It’s a fairly light iron too, coming in at about 4 pounds, which may put off those who like to feel a little more weight in their hands when doing the laundry.




Final Rating


Overall, outside of some very minor quibbles, I found the Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron to be exactly what I hoped it would be. It’s a great steam iron that ploughs through wrinkles in no time at all, plus all of the extra safety features make it an essential piece of kit for those who are worries about potentially scorching their clothes.