The first time I laid my eyes on the PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Garment Steamer I knew I had to have it. The design, which looks so perfect for easy storage, struck me instantly and I loved the idea of having an ironing board and steam iron all integrated into the same package. When I found out that I also get the choice between a traditional steam iron and a full garment steamer, all in the same package, I knew I had to give it a try and let all of you lovely people know about my experience.

So, let’s get going with some of the PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Garment Steamer’s key features.


  • Comes with a one-liter water tank, which means you can get on with a lot of ironing without having to worry about refilling. In total, you get 30 minutes of continuous steam from one full tank and even more out of regular ironing. Best of all, it all heats up in about three minutes.
  • The heavy-duty garment steamer is greater for stubborn, difficult fabrics, while the traditional steam iron lets you handle everything else.
  • The built in ironing board saves you money and folds up easily for storage. The package even comes with space for hanging clothes for steaming.
  • All of the steam controls work from a single button press, making the whole thing really easy to figure out.
  • The water tank has a safety cap that prevents you from opening the tank when there is hot water inside, preventing you from getting scalded when trying to refill.
  • The adjustable temperature dial allows you to handle practically any type of fabric.

Dimensions and Weight

Steam Iron System Dimension – 22.2 x 13.8 x 12.5 inches
Steam Iron System Weight – 18.9 lbs


The system as a whole is made using plastic and steels and it comes with special measuring cups and a funnel, which are also made using plastic.

The Good

The unit itself is surprisingly compact, as it all folds quite nicely, which makes storage really easy. Despite looking a little complex, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to get it set up the first time, and that significantly reduces as you get used to it. In terms of performance, I found that the entire system was great for pretty much any fabric. The hanger makes steaming drapes and hanging clothes really easy and the traditional steam iron is ideal for working on more delicate fabrics.

The Bad

While the set-up tends to remain mostly stable, you may experience a little bit of a wobble every now and again, especially when using the ironing board to work on heavy fabrics. It’s not going to topple over or anything, but you may find these little wobbles irritating. Further, you can’t refill the water reservoir until it is completely empty and even then you may have to wait a while for the safety cap to deactivate. It’s not a major issue, by any means, but it may mean you lose a little time if you’re coming to the end of the tank as you start a new load.



Final Rating


As a whole, the PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Garment Steamer does a superb job of handling pretty much any fabric and I love the versatility it offers in terms of options for steaming or ironing. It’s compact and really easy to use after you get the hang of it. The size of the water tank is great, but you may run into the odd issue with refilling.